DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise first hands on look at DJI’s smallest enterprise solution drone to date. M3E and M3T is the perfect platform for Survey, AEC, Mining, Modeling, Inspection, Public Security, Emergency Response and Rescue. Designed from the floor up to replace the Phantom 4 RTK and does so being over 500 grams lighter and 15 minutes long flight time. The M3T and M3T flys further with a 15KM range and finally brings the mechanical shutter into a 2022 drone platform. RC Pro Enterprise has a CPU 4 times faster and GPU 7 times better than the standard RC Pro. The M3E is 8 times more efficient than the Phantom 4 RTK. RTK module and speaker will be offered separately. This platform will easily outsell and be the preferred platform for enterprise users.