Bittersweet project, as on my second battery my drone frame cracked (discovered via inspection) and needed to be submitted under warranty. Turns out they applied a blue Loctite from the factory to the screws and some of it got onto the plastic, eating into the plastic; eventually causing stress cracks. REMARKABLY DJI customer service was fantastic. They answered the phone within 15 min I was speaking to Mike, who spoke perfect english and sent me out a return shipping label and RMA on a Saturday around 11am. I shipped my Phantom that monday and by the following Wednesday, I already had my phantom back. I have heard so many horror stories that I was petrified to actually send it in, but was shocked to see such a fantastic level of customer service by DJI; comparable to amazon. For the record loctite 425 is designed to be used on plastic for those who are interested. This is a private cove in Laguna Beach California called Fisherman’s Cove. It was shockingly empty when we arrived; often the cove is filled with scuba divers as a result of the local wildlife and the fact that it is a oceanic sanctuary. ENJOY! Hit like and subscribe.