This is the controversial video that I attempted to make at Cal Expo that ended with my drone Illegally confiscated by Cal Expo PD by Chief Craft. They took my drone without listening to anything I had to say pertaining to FAA, and completely mishandled the situation. I was not charged with a single crime, yet my Mavic was held for 20 days. For a frame of reference and not to be taken as legal advice: as a hobbist (not under 107) under current FAA law, you CAN fly at night. I was NOT flying over people, and not even close to people. I was flying in an empty lot to the side of the park. I was stopped by the police before I could get any real footage, so I apologize in advance for not having a lot posted. Moving forward I hope to acquire some hire end camera equipment to increase my production value. I hope you enjoyed my video and please hit like and subscribe for more content.

Music By: sal Frederick
Ice Dance Hour loop

Taken From: The Grand Finale (Edward Scissorhands/Soundtrack Version) – Shirley Walker Sound recording by UMG