So I have received several questions asking me about the screen; so I decided on following up with a video comparing the screens of the Phantom 4 Pro Plus Obsidian to my iPhone 7 plus. While it was difficult to really tell from the footage, I can safely report that the screen from the Phantom Pro plus was indeed the winner. If you want an exceptionally bright screen for those summer days; I recommend DJI Crystal Sky monitor with 2000 nits brightness. Compatibility, simplicity and form factor make the plus model a more viable alternative to fussing with screens and cables and compatible phones. When you purchase the plus model they also include the HDMI module that costs $90 separately, which is nice to have if your running a monitor or goggles for your client to view. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video and leave a comment if you want to see anything in particular on this channel.

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Mavic Pro Plus Obsidian:

Case Club Waterproof DJI Phantom 4 Drone Wheeled Case with Silica Gel :

DJI CystalSky W/2000nits brightness: