DJI recently had a planned leak around a new industrial type drone that looks more enterprise than consumer/commercial and it got me thinking. Initially I was excited at the possibility of this drone being a new Phantom and got myself thinking how important the Phantom was in terms of the history of drones and how important it is to us the drone pilots. While DJI has made it there mission to prioritize portability and size. I think the current GAP between the full-frammed Inspire 3 and the Mavic 3 Micro 4/3 leaves a nice spot where the Phantom drone can still exist. As far as technology has gone a APS-C is 1.6 times the size of a micro 4/3 and I believe that DJI possesses the ability to make a Phantom 5 with a APS-C sensor with interchangable lenses PERFECT for the commercial drone pilot who may not have the 20K budget of an Inspire 3. CONSIDER IT DJI….

00:38 – What was leaked
01:01 – What it looks like
01:20 – Why the Phantom brand matters
01:52 – Sad reality of this leak
03:04 – The possibilities with Phantom 5


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