Tesla 3/Y/3 Highland Multi-function Shortcut Buttons | EVBASE
Compatible Model: 💫Fit for 2017-2023.10 Model 3, 2023.11+ Model 3 Highland, 2020+ Model Y, Both left-hand-drive & right-hand-drive.

Convenience Everywhere: Put these multifunctional buttons wherever you want. Easily change their positions and paste them based on the custom functions. These shortcut buttons are well-designed accessories for Tesla Model 3/Y enthusiasts seeking improved interior functionality.
Customize 10+ shortcut functions: Easier use of basic car functions. More shortcut commands are included in the APP without complicated programming. Supports OTA upgrades (connect APP via Bluetooth V5.0 for new features). Shortcut functions include:

🌟Auto door opening
🌟Fold/unfold the rearview mirror
🌟 Open the glove box
🌟Open/ close the charging port
🌟 Open the frunk/trunk
🌟One-click switch Sports/Race Mode
🌟 Turn on/ off the headlight
🌟 Lock/ unlock the car
🌟Battery preheating
🌟Switch to P/ R/ N/ D/ gear (Only for Model 3 Highland)

Dashboard Function: Turn your phone into an intelligent dashboard by opening the app. The APP syncs with CAN bus data, providing real-time vehicle info like speed, gear, and lights.
Cybertruck Shape Design: The unique Cybertruck-shaped buttons make your interior feel more futuristic and add a cool touch to your Tesla.
Non-Destructive Installation: Plug and play. Install in minutes behind your center console armrest cover. No complicated wiring—just plug in and go. Easy peasy.

📢The APP supports the IOS and Android systems.

Package list includes:
1pcs/set Button*1, control box*1,cables,etc.
5pcs/set Buttons*5, control box*1,cables,etc.

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00:48- Installing Control Box
02:07 – Programming APP
04:00 – Demoing the button


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