I install the NEW minimalist Version 2 HUD for the Model 3 & Model Y by Hansshow. This installs very easily; I would say a 3/10 difficulty. The cable runs along the back side of the dash and simply plugs into the passenger side. This is a fantasic display and a huge upgrade over the Version 1. There is no need to drill or anything, simply plug and play. Shows MPH, what gear you are in as well as the posted speed limit and any door that is open. It also gives you a total miles remaining as well as a battery percentage remaining. I am NOT sponsored and offer NO coupon codes – I am simply sharing my love for this amazing aftermarket part that will further improve your Tesla Model Y & or 3 driving experience.

00:42- Intro
02:42 – Wiring Options
03:49 – How to wire under dashboard
04:36 – Putting it back together
05:04 – Installing the REAL Carbon Fiber Dashboard

Tesla Y/3 NEW HUD 2.0 Minimalist | Hansshow:
Model 3/Y 3.9’’ Mini Dashboard Hidden HUD Head-up Display | Hansshow


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